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148,015 $5-99.99, 12 Month Donors $125/M
161,504 $10-99.99, 18 Month Donors $135/M



$5-99.99, 24 Month Donors

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100% Direct Mail Donors
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Concerned about the upcoming elections and current attacks by the Left against President Trump, these direct mail donors give to The Conservative Caucus which has spent nearly four decades protecting America from threats both domestic and international.

These aggressive contributors have given in support of the Trump agenda and a strong national defense. They oppose amnesty for illegals, support the English language, defend the Constitution, and oppose the Left's radicalism.

Giving to organizations and candidates who fight for adherence to constitutional and founding principles is of paramount importance to each of these American donors.

CONTACT: For details on how to order, use the form below or call Yvonne Gunn at (571) 292-5806.

CANCELLATION CHARGES: $50.00 Flat Fee, $10/M Running Charges, Select Charges, and E-mail Fee.

Source: 100% Direct Mail
Sample: Mailing piece required for approval
Date: April 2020
Minimum: 5,000
Selections: State/SCF
Addressing: E-Mail $50F
  FTP $75F
Net Name Policy: Computer Verification Required

80% Min. + $10/M R/C

100,000-299,999 65% Min. + $10/M R/C

50% Min. + $10/M R/C

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Crenshaw for Congress
John James for US Senate
McSally for Senate
Matt Gaetz for Congress

Charitable Organizations
Alzheimer's Disease Fund
Volunteer Firefighter Alliance

Party Committees
National Republican Congressional Committee
National Republican Senatorial Committee
Republican National Committee

Political Advocacy
American Conservative Union
American Legacy PAC
American Sovereignty Project
Americans for Immigration Control
Americans for Prosperity
Center for Individual Freedom
Citizens Against Government Waste
Citizens United
Council for Retirement Security
Federation for American Immigration Reform
Heritage Foundation
Judicial Watch
Media Research Center
Pro English
Secure America Now
The Seniors Coalition
Stand for America
The Tea Party
U.S. Border Security Council
U.S. Justice Foundation

Religious Organizations
America's Prayer Network
Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation


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