List Management

Viguerie Political Lists is built on nearly five decades of developing and managing the world’s largest file of active, conservative donors. Here are millions of Americans who are passionate about:

Marty at desk

    • Lowering taxes
    • Electing conservatives
    • Restoring the Constitution
    • Securing our borders
    • Defending traditional marriage and Christian values
    • Supporting our troops
    • Caring for veterans
    • These names are constantly updated and enhanced with every demographic overlay available to identify multi-donors, hotline names and much more. As a subsidiary of Richard Viguerie’s famous direct marketing agency –

American Target Advertising, Inc.

      – we not only manage this one-of-a-kind list, we’re part of the agency that helped build it! This “secret weapon” that helped Viguerie raise over $7 billion for conservative and charitable causes can boost your success too.

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