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Universe Select Price
652,477 $5+, 0-24 Month Donors $105/M
569,510 $5+, 0-18 Month Donors $120/M
490,002 $5+, 0-12 Month Donors $135/M
370,270 $5+, 0-6 Month Donors $150/M
606,804 $5+, 0-24 Month Multi-Donors $120/M
554,147 $10+, 0-24 Month Donors $120/M
481,544 $10+, 0-18 Month Donors $135/M
410,186 $10+, 0-12 Month Donors $150/M



This active file fo entirely conservative direct mail donors to American Target Advertising's conservative clients has funded numerous successful appeals over the decades.

These donors have contributed to an array of conservative campaigns and policy appeals: balanced budget, lower taxes, downsizing government, stopping Obama's radical agenda, protecting traditional values, repealing ObamaCare, defending senior citizens' rights, opposing illegal immigration and amnesty, stopping radical Islam, patriotic appeals, get out the vote, and also conservative candidates.

Whether you are advocating policy solutions or working to elect the officials who will bring them about, these responsive conservatives will fuel your fundraising - as they have others for decades.

CONTACT: For details on how to order, use the form below or call Yvonne Gunn at (571) 292-5806.

CANCELLATION CHARGES: $50.00 Flat Fee, $10/M Running Charges, Select Charges, and E-mail Fee.

Source: 100% Direct Mail
Sample: Mailing piece required for approval
Date: September 2019
Minimum: 5,000
Selections: State/SCF $3/M
  Gender/Zip $5/M
  Age $10/M
Addressing: E-Mail $50F
  FTP $75F
Net Name Policy: Computer Verification Required
25,000-99,000 80% Min. +$10/M R/C
100,000-299,999 65% Min. +$10/M R/C
300,000+ 50% Min. +$10/M R/C

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Carson America
Milton Wolf for US Senate (KS)

Political Advocacy
Allilance Defending Freedom
American Legacy PAC
Americans United for Life
Ashbrook Center
Citizens Against Government Waste
Concerned Veterans for America
Convention of the States Action
Eisenhower Foundation
Foundation for Christian Civilization
Heritage Action for America
Judicial Watch
National Rifle Association
Pacific Legal Foundation
Pro English
Secure America's Border
Texas Biomedical Research Institute

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