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1,091,097 Donors  
  Charitable Mailers $75/M
  Political Mailers $95/M



This list includes direct mail donors from American Target Advertising's charitable and conservative clients plus the most recent high-dollar donors to various political state-wide campaigns.

Whether the mailer wants to reach a specific geographical area, a certain issue or a particular demographic (age, sex, occupation, income, interests, etc) this list is a proven one-of-a-kind for local, regional and nationwide mailers.

CONTACT: For details on how to order, use the form below or call Yvonne Gunn at (571) 292-5806.

CANCELLATION CHARGES: $50.00 Flat Fee, $10/M Running Charges, Select Charges and E-mail Fee.

Source: 100% Direct Mail
Sample: Mailing piece required for approval
Date: January 2019
Minimum: 5,000
Selections: State/SCF $3/M
  Gender/Zip $5/M
  Age $10/M
Addressing: E-Mail $50F
  FTP $75F
Net Name Policy: Computer Verification Required
25,000-99,000 80% Min. +$10/M R/C
100,000-299,999 65% Min. +$10/M R/C
300,000+ 50% Min. +$10/M R/C

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Political Advocacy/Campaigns
Citizens Against Government Waste
Iowa Gun Owners
Jim Jordan for Congress
Sheriffs Association

Charitable Organizations
Camillus House
Catholic Charities Network
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
Colorado Springs Utilities
Emergency Family Assistance
Energy Outreach Colorado
Food Bank Programs
Mile High United Way
Rescue Missions
Salvation Army
Sheriffs' Associations
Special Transit

U.S. Money Reserve

Religious Organizations
Catholic Charities Network
St. Mary's Food Bank

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