Universe Select Price
234,065 $5+ 0-12 Month Donors $135/M
290,677 $5+ 0-24 Month Donors $110/M
219,800 $10+ 0-12 Month Donors $140/M
275,182 $10+ 0-24 Month Donors $120/M
229,624 Total Responders  $75/M


These Donors are Donors to all American Target Advertising's Conservative clients who have made the decision to stand behind our President on all issues at hand, specifically confirming conservative Judges for the Supreme Court, stronger immigration Laws including building the wall, keeping control of both the Senate and House of Representatives, and electing more right of center candidates, as well as Health Care Reform and strong support of our Military.

A great test for any right of center or veterans organization!!

CONTACT: For details on how to order, use the form below or call Yvonne Gunn at (571) 292-5806.

CANCELLATION CHARGES: $50.00 Flat Fee, $10/M Running Charges, Select Charges, and E-mail Fee.

Source: 100% Direct Mail
Sample: Mailing piece required for approval
Date: April 2020
Minimum: 5,000
Selections: State/SCF $3/M
  Gender/Zip $5/M
  Age $10/M
Addressing: E-Mail $50F
  FTP $75F
Net Name Policy: Computer Verification Required
25,000-99,000 80% Min. +$10/M R/C
100,000-299,999 65% Min. +$10/M R/C
300,000+ 50% Min. +$10/M R/C

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